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We are team of talented educators helping college students to unfold their true potential

Witness India's most unique competition

2 Weeks

2 Technologies

2 Certification

cash prizes worth 2 lakhs

If you were ever confused about career options or if you ever believed that given a chance you can excel in understanding any given topic and then competing among others, then this competition is for you.

A new journey towards discovering your true potential

This time let us learn what it takes to build world class product.

The 2 technologies!!!

Automation with Python

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script custom automation and reap the time-savings. In this course, you can learn how to automate your own repetitive tasks using Python.

Web devlopment with React

This course explores Javascript based front-end application development, and in particular the React library. In this module we get a quick introduction to front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries, followed by an introduction to React.

* important days *

Note :

The exam for automation with python will take place on August 08, 2021 and web development with react on August 15, 2021. While participants who just want to compete for the grand awards and rewards can turn up just on the competition dates, others who want to get mentored first can opt for our optional live mentorship program.

This season, we will be teaching through different different interesting projects. This approach, we believe, will enable students from all parts of the country to learn before they compete. With a plethora of hand-outs, post session discussions, and doubt session of half an hour each day, we will deliver content in a way that will get you started for good in these next-gen topics.

While every participant will receive a certificate from us for each topic and for overall competition, participate just for the sheer experience of this journey!!!

Total prizes worth
2 lakh Rupees

Rank 1 INR 50,000 Rank 2 INR 10,000 Rank 3-25 INR 2,000 each weekly top 25 INR 2,000 each

Key Highlights of the competition

live hands on project

2 weeks of optional live hands-on mentorship program from scratch of 15+ hours for each topic with an average of 4 hours per day coupled with doubt sessions.

leaderboard-driven competition

participants from all over India will compete at the end of week to be on the top of leaderboard.

MCQ based test

90% of the questions in the competition will be in MCQ format.

Cash Prizes worth INR 9 Lakh

top 25 rankers will will prizes and rewards. Moreover every participant will get certificate in each technology as well.

In demand topics from scratch

2 in demand topics will be taught from scratch, no need to worry!

participants from all over India

participants from all over India are participating which will lead to healthy competitive environment.

What’s new with Unfold 2021 ?

2 Weeks

2 Technologies

is about getting started in building next-gen products.

2 weeks of optional live hands-on mentorship program from scratch of 14+ hours for each topic with an average of 3 hours per day coupled with doubt sessions every day will help participants compete with topic experts on the same level.

topics from 2 different horizons, will give back the winners in this leaderboard-driven competition who have it in them the ability to grasp new concepts.

This competition is open for all, irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, religion, age, financial status, educational background.

At the end of the week, participants from all over India will be competing among themselves to be on the top of leaderboard. This competition will test your ability to grasp konwledge.

The most unique thing about this competition is that the total score in different technologies combined will decide the winners, and thus while some may have an head start over others in a particular topic, to win the competition they have to perform well at all.

Thus, while some participate with a goal to get mentored first and then compete with the best, the others can participate to test themselves among the upcoming talents who are rising their level up and then see whether they still stand a match.

you don't only learn but earn as well. Top 25 rankers of leaderboard will win cash prizes and rewards.
Not only overall top 25 rankers will win prizes, weekly top 25 rankers will win rewards too. further you will receive certificates in both the technologies.

It's a win-win situation for all!

Our main initiative is to get participants started in their respective personal and professional journeys and make them every possible chance of winning or achieving a certain level of growth on the other side of this competition.
Find your reason, your aim to participate! But do participate! Because while we discover Winner of Unfold 2021 Edition, you’ll end up discovering yourself.


live hands on project

leaderboard-driven competition

participants from all over India

MCQ based test

Cash Prizes worth INR 2 Lakh

In demand topics from scratch

why should i participate?


With the idea of mentoring students in a planned way before they compete; and do it in multiple technologies each season, we look forward to creating a level headed platform, where participants can learn, can grow, and can win handsomely too. Through this pocket friendly initiative, we look forward for developing a scenario, where every participant gets started and they know where to look forward to. By judging them on their ability to grasp new concepts, we try to shift the hiring trends towards adaptability of a candidate.

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we have chosen topics which are in high demand and will help you develop next generation products.
1. Web development : it gives you the oppotunity to express yourself creatively on the internet.
2. Automation with python : python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script custom automation and reap the time time-savings. fortunately, the high demand, easy-to-learn and fun to experience

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The format is such that, from Monday to friday students will be mentored for about 14+ hours via live sessions and doubt sessions and post that on Every sunday an MCQ based contest will take place. While the overall competition is leaderboard driven, the weekly winners will also be awarded for the performances. With, Unfold 2021, we aim to look forward to getting participants started in building meaningful next-gen products and developing entrepreneurial mindset.

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On every sunday an mcq based test is scheduled, we will judge you on your ability to learn. you will compete among the participants from different colleges all over the India to be on the top of the leaderboard.

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This is a win-to-win situation for every participant, there is a lot to fight for.

Total Cash prizes worth 2 lakh rupees will be distributed

we will still say forget about the prizes, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey!.

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Unfold your true potential

Our main aim is to let you unfold your true potential in the unique journey of learning, building and winning.

And so is the name of this competition UNFOLD !.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No hidden charges, you just have to pay registration fees i.e INR499/- Only. our main priority was to make it pocket friendly.

In case of tie in score, the rank will be calculated on the basis of time of submission of exam. The one who will take less time to submit the exam will get top rank. for eg. Ram scores 85 & submit the exam 15 minutes before the end time, Shayam scores 85 & submit the exam 14 minutes before the end time, Sita scores 85 & submit the exam 10 minutes before the end time. Then in this case order of rank will be

You will get life time access to the study resources.

Classes will be live ones, Although we will record it as well for you. So that if in case you miss the live sessions you can still get access to the content and can watch it with your conveinence.

No, you don't need to be expert in the topics, we will teach you from scratch about the topics.
As this is the main idea behind the competition, you will first learn and then compete among best from all over India. you will be judged on the ability to grasp konwledge.

Yes, at the end of the competition you will receive digital certificates which you can share to different social platforms like linkedin.


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